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Company Profile

About Mahaguna Komando Indonesia:

Mahaguna Komando Indonesia is a licensed company engaged in providing security services based in East Kalimantan. Since the beginning of our operations on October 1st, 2018, we had expanded our coverage area in Jakarta.

We have three integrated service segments: security services, drone surveillance, and barge escort services. Professional performance with complete equipments can create an adaptive and efficient protection ecosystem.

Six years of consistency in the security field, Mahaguna Komando Indonesia focuses on maintaining service quality through an efficient and reliable system. We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing solutions that suit their needs.

Company Value


High quality standards guarantee high quality service. We train our personnels with high discipline and complete equipments.

Fast & Responsive

Through effective planning, Mahaguna Komando Indonesia performs security operations precisely and meticulously. Hence, we achieve a good coordinated security strategy.

Safe & Secure

By prioritizing integrity and credibility in service, Mahaguna Komando Indonesia conducts operations with full responsibility.

Vision & Mission


To become a trusted and leading professional security service provider company in Indonesia.


To focus on system efficiency in accordance with customer needs, we always improves our employees competence and professionalism in order to maintain our service quality.

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